How To Prime A Swimming Pool Pump 


The water in your pool needs to be filtered and circulated, and a pool pump is a crucial piece of equipment for this. But, if the pump isn’t working correctly, it could lead to the water becoming cloudy and soiled as well as harm to the pump itself. “Air lock” or loss of prime is a typical problem with pool pumps. We’ll go over the procedures for correctly priming a pool pump in this blog post.


  1. Turn off the pump’s power: In order to prevent any potential risks, it is crucial to switch off the pump’s electricity before attempting to prime the pump. You can do this by unplugging the pump or shutting off the breaker.
  2. Find the prime plug: The prime plug is located on the front of the pool pump. This little circular plug is utilised to release any trapped air that might be present in the pump.
  3. The prime plug should be gently removed with a flathead screwdriver. When you remove the prime plug, be ready for water to pour out of the hole.
  4. Fill the pump with water by slowly pouring water into it through the opening created when the prime plug was removed.
  5. After the pump has been filled with water, replace the prime plug and check to make sure it is firmly in place.
  6. Restart the electrical system: Restart the electrical system by resetting the breaker or connecting the pump back in.
  7. After putting the power back on, look for any leaks at the prime plug or on the actual pump.
  8. In order to ensure that the pump is properly primed and operating smoothly, turn it on and let it run for a few minutes.


In conclusion, priming a pool pump is a straightforward procedure that only requires a few simple items. You may quickly and easily prime your pool pump and have it functioning normally by following these instructions. It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek out expert assistance if you are having problems with your pump that you are unable to fix.