So you have decided to replace your pool liner or have your new pool installed with a liner. We have put together a few considerations that you should be aware of when picking your pool liner.

First thing to know is that there are two types of pool liners, one piece liner also known as a bag liner as this is premade in a factory from measurements of the pool then delivered in one piece like a giant bag made to fit your pool. The other option is on site lining of the pool, also known as extreme lining. This arrives in large rolls and is made on site to fit your pool contours exactly, on site.

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Pros of One Piece Liners/Bag Liners

  • Bag liners are a great option when looking at cost and if the pool is not going to experience heavy use.
  • They are generally available quicker than on site lining due to not being so labour intensive to install.
  • There is a wide selection of patterns available. Including one solid colour, fully patterned or plain with a band known as the tile band, the area around the water line to the top of the liner.
  • Installation is relatively quick normally one day on site to fit the liner and then half a day to cut the pool fittings in once the water level is at the correct level.

Disadvantages of One Piece Liners/Bag Liners

  • They are half the thickness of On-Site liners meaning they are more prone to punctures and tears if not cared for correctly.
  • The pool water temperature is limited to 30 degrees celsius to prevent damage to the liner.
  • With plain colours you will see any marks or imperfections under the pool liner including joins in any material under the liner as well as joins in the liner material from when it was made. Patterned liners hide this more but it can still be visible.
  • The liner is more susceptible to damage from incorrect chemical balance than on site lining.

Pros of On Site Lining/Extreme Lining

  • With it being double the thickness of a one piece liner and having a reinforcing mesh running through it, it is incredibly tough and hard to puncture or tear. This is why it is often used on commercial pools.
  • As it arrives on site in rolls with a team of installers that only do on site lining everyday it will always fit your pool perfectly.
  • On site lining is available in a wide range of colours and patterns including, plain, plain with a tile band, fully patterned and we also do 3d liners so you can even feel the grout lines on the mosaic tile patterns, or texture on rock or sand patterns!
  • Will hide minor imperfections in the structure of the pool below the liners and you will not see material below the liner.
  • On site lining can be used on all pool shapes and can even go over existing pool steps giving them a new lease of life and ensuring they are watertight without replacing them.
  • On site pool liners have a very long life span and have great warranties up to 15 years, but can be expected to last much longer than this.

Disadvantages of On site Lining/Extreme Lining

  • As the liner is made on site the installation of the liner can take more time on site. Fitting of the liner normally is completed within a week.
  • The cost of the liner is more than a bag liner but as on site pool liners last so much better than bag liners the cost over the life of the liner will work out about the same.

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Image Source – Unsplash