What Is The Difference Between Sand and Glass Swimming Pool Filters?


Having the proper filter is essential for swimming pool maintenance. Although there are many other kinds of filters, sand and glass filters are two of the most common kinds. Here is what you need know about the difference between the two:



Glass filters utilise a combination of microfiber and metal mesh to absorb even finer particles, whilst sand filters use angular grains to trap microscopic particles. One type can be better suited for you than the other depending on your demands.



Sand filters are typically more labor-intensive to maintain than glass filters, which can be quickly cleaned with a hose or brush. Sand filters also need to be backwashed and cleaned frequently.



Sand filters typically cost less than glass filters because of their simpler construction and use of fewer components. The price, however, may change according on the brand and size.



Glass filters often last longer than sand filters because they are more resistant to physical damage like breaks or cracks that might occur over time.


To get the best filtration results, regardless of the model you pick, make sure it’s appropriate for your swimming pool’s size and usage requirements.


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