There are several factors to take into account when choosing an efficient automatic robotic pool cleaner for your swimming pool in order to make the best decision. Here are some recommendations for choosing the appropriate automatic robotic pool cleaner for your requirements:

Know The Dimensions Of Your Pool to Choose the Right Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

It’s crucial to know the exact dimensions of your swimming pool’s length, width, and depth because this will enable you to choose the cleaner that is most appropriate. Don’t forget to measure each wall individually if your pool is in-ground. Consider any barriers that may require extra care during cleaning, such as ladders or steps. All automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners are tailored to different sized pools and you wouldn’t want to be caught short when you find that you have chosen a cleaner that can’t clean your pool!

Decide If You Need A Wall Climber 

Some models have ‘wall climbers’ or similar features that let them easily clean corners and hard to reach areas like walls. These additional features might or might not be required depending on the size and design of your pool, so conducting some study in advance is advised. It is also possible to get an extremely efficient robotic pool cleaner that can clean the floor, walls and waterline! This would leave minimal manual labour required for keeping your swimming pool in tip top condition.

Cost Vs Features 

Keep in mind that the price of a robotic cleaner frequently corresponds to the capabilities that the device offers when making your purchase. It can be tempting to purchase a cheaper model with fewer functions in an attempt to save money, but doing so may prove to be more expensive in the long term if it is unable to accomplish more difficult tasks like removing debris from tight spaces or scaling walls! Most people tend to save money in the long run when spending more initially on the pool cleaner as this reduces cleaning costs (as well as chemical costs) throughout the time of having and using the robotic cleaner.


By keeping all of these considerations in mind, you can make sure that the robotic pool cleaner you choose is suited exactly to your needs, resulting in maximum convenience and efficiency when cleaning your pool!


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