What Is The Quietest Swimming Pool Heat Pump?


Although they provide a cost-effective solution to maintain a reasonable pool temperature, noise is one of the pool heat pumps’ main drawbacks. We examine what constitutes a decent, quiet pool heat pump in addition to some of our top options. Luckily, there are now a number of models on the market that offer lower noise levels.


What Makes a Good Quiet Heat Pump?

If you’re looking for a heat pump with a low noise output, there are certain important factors to keep in mind while making your selection:



Choose models with high efficiency ratings because they will heat your pool more efficiently (and affordably) over time.


Size of Compressor

Use smaller units whenever you can because larger ones can make more noise and vibration.



Modern heat pumps use cutting-edge technologies, such as “low-noise” fan blades and sound-dampening panels, to dramatically lower sound levels.


These are some of our top selections for the market’s most sound-insulating pool heat pumps:


Zodiac TriPower – The Zodiac TriPower is a highly effective model that runs at 54 dB thanks to its innovative low-noise fan blades (A).


Hayward W3HP50CL – With its outstanding sound-dampening technology and whisper-quiet design, the Hayward W3HP50CL operates at 50 dB. (A).


The AquaCal SQ145 is among the most cutting-edge heat pump models now on the market. It has a tiny compressor and operates at a whisper-quiet 48 dB.


We sincerely hope that this list will aid in your search for the ideal quiet pool heat pump. Make sure to take into account elements like efficiency, compressor size and technologies utilised in order to acquire satisfying results without compromising on sound quality.


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