Robotic pool cleaners are the newest advancement in swimming pool cleaning technology, providing pool owners with efficiency and ease. You’ve probably asked yourself on multiple occasions “should I buy a robotic pool cleaner?” and what we say to that is, to decide if a robotic pool cleaner is the best option for your swimming pool demands, you need take into account the following before making an investment:


Size And Shape

Be sure the robotic cleaner is appropriate for the size and shape of your pool. Certain models might not be able to clean a large or intricately designed pool efficiently. Before making a purchase, thoroughly review the cleaner’s specifications. Other issues you may come across are that you may want a robotic pool cleaner that can clean your steps, or walls or waterline! Not all cleaners do this, so make sure you find the right one for you.

Filtration System

Your current filtration system needs to work with your robotic cleaner. Make sure you are aware of which cleaner type best meets your needs. Some cleaners come with their own filtering systems, while others do not. Suction based cleaners will use your existing filtration system, so you will need a strong enough pump for this while electric robotic pool cleaners have their own filtration basket built in, so just plug it in, and away it goes!

Cleaning Ability 

Various models provide various levels of cleaning power. Assess the size, dirtiness, and type of debris in your pool to determine how much scrubbing power you require from a cleaner. This will assist you in selecting the ideal model for the task. Be sure to think about how much tree coverage and shrubbery you have around your pool as you will find this plays a huge part in your decision!

Advantages Vs Expenses

Find out what features and advantages each model has as well as the price that goes along with them. This will assist you in determining whether a specific model is worthwhile to purchase or whether another one offers greater value for the money. Just remember, in the world of pool cleaners, you certainly get what you pay for!


Consider all of these crucial elements before making your robotic pool cleaner purchase to be sure it’s the best option for you. You can find an efficient device that will benefit you in the long run with some cautious research!


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