Do you require a professional swimming pool cleaning service? We at JB Elite Services strive hard to provide you with the greatest service possible while also making sure that your pool is spotless and secure for swimmers. You can anticipate the following from us:

Full Examination

To determine any areas that could require extra care, our team of experts will begin by thoroughly inspecting your swimming pool. This includes inspecting the filtration system, pumps, and shell of the pool for wear and tear or breaking; analysing the water’s chemistry; looking for algae or calcium build-up, and making sure all other parts are working properly.

We will also advise on any equipment that we find to need servicing including sand filters, UVs, heat pump and air handling units/dehumidifiers. From this, we will then provide a quotation on carrying out of any servicing that may be required.

Thorough Cleaning

Following the inspection, our team will thoroughly clean your pool from top to bottom using specialised equipment like brushes, nets, vacuum cleaners, etc. in order to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated over time.

Regular Maintenance Tasks 

The next step is to carry out all required maintenance procedures, such as adjusting pH levels using chemicals, cleaning filters or changing them as necessary, and fixing any components that have become damaged over time. To extend the life of your pool and lower future maintenance expenses, these procedures should be carried out on a regular basis!

All of our engineers carry full digital chemical testing kits that are used for testing chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. We also have the ability to test for salt levels and TDS levels within a swimming pool. This way, you can be confident that we are maintaining your chemicals correctly; keeping you safe and saving you time and money.


All of the above is exactly what you should expect from a professional swimming pool service.

You can be confident that your swimming pool is in good hands when you hire JB Elite Services since every job we undertake is carefully planned out to guarantee the best outcomes every time!


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